Help for OpenSearch module

OpenSearch technologies allow you to search web sites and display search results in a standard and accessible format. Only some of the web browsers support this feature.

OpenSearch module allows you to search the online catalogue in a fast and comfortable way without opening ÚS v Brně pages.

Prohlížeč Edge

Web browser Edge

Web browser Firefox

If you use web browser Firefox 2.0 or a newer version, you will find a new entry in the search module menu „Add IPAC ÚS v Brně“. Plugin is automatically installed after clicking on this entry.

Nebo klikněte na instalovat modul OpenSearch. .

Web browser Firefox

Web browser Opera

Currently, Opera web browser doesn't support OpenSearch, but there is another way how to add customized search.

Web browser Opera

How to add Open search module to web browser Opera?

  1. Go to page Simple search.
  2. Set the cursor to the search field.
  3. Right click into the catalogue search field.
  4. Choose "Create Search…" from the context menu.
  5. Enter a term for your search.
  6. Confirm by clicking OK.
  7. For testing your new search just open a new tab and enter your keyword in the address bar.

Opera - add searchOpera - add search

Chrome web browser

Chrome web browser

How to add Open search module to web browser Chrome?

  1. Right click into the address field.
  2. Choose Edit Search…" from the context menu.
  3. Click on Add… in the popped-up window.
  4. Enter the name of the search: 
  5. Enter the keyword: 
  6. Enter the URL address: 
  7. Confirm by clicking OK.

Chrome - add-searchChrome - add-search