Help for My SDI

Online catalogue (IPAC) help.

Abbreviation SDI stands for Selective Dissemination of Information.
Servis is available for users after Login.

Why to use SDI?

  • Online catalogue IPAC provides automated searches of queries saved by a user and informs about the availability of new resources (books, periodicals, audio, etc).
  • User can save more requests with variable time period of sending results.
  • SDI requests can be edited or cancelled from the user's account.
  • Users can decide how long an SDI request will be valid.

How to start using SDI service?

  1. Log in to online catalogue IPAC.
  2. Go to page Search and search the query as usual.
  3. On the page with search results click on Send news.
  4. You can set all the preferences in this form.
  5. After you fill in the form, click on Save.

SDI Form

How to change settings of SDI requests?

  1. Log in to online catalogue IPAC.
  2. Go to page My SDI.
  3. In this list of queries you can display, Edit or delete query.

SDI requests list

We believe, that SDI service will help our users to be informed in the fields of their interest.

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