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Judging under uncertainty

  1. Main entry-name Vermeule, Adrian, 1968- (author)
    Title statementJudging under uncertainty : an institutional theory of legal interpretation / Adrian Vermeule
    Issue dataCambridge : Harvard University Press, 2006
    Phys.des.viii, 333 s.
    AnnotationIntroduction I. Critique 1. Interpretation without Institutions 2. Dynamism and Pragmatism: A Tale of Two Nirvanas II. Reconstruction 3. The Institutional Turn 4. Judicial Capacities: A Case Study 5. Systemic Effects and Judicial Coordination III. Applications 6. Judging under Uncertainty 7. Statutory Interpretation 8. Judicial Review and Constitutional Interpretation Conclusion: Interim Interpretive Theory
    Subj. Headings Interpretace práva
    Rozhodovací činnost soudu
    Soudní přezkum
    SignaturaZ 3011
    CountrySpojené státy americké
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    Judging under uncertainty

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